VAG Coding Specialist LTD has active partnerships with some of the most knowledgeable well-established companies around in the VAG community.
We have direct contacts at the Bentley factory HQ in Crewe North England UK.
We have direct contacts at the VWAG factory in Milton Keynes UK. VWAG HQ factory in the Wolfsburg plant in North Germany.
We have direct contacts at the the Lamborghini factory HQ in Italy.
VAG Coding Specialist LTD has an active partnership with Dorr Automotive hyper / super car dealers based in South Korea.
We work closely with prestige vehicles based in Lakeside Essex, who offer on-site fully trained ex main dealer technicians offering vast experience & years of knowledge.

Laybuy are our financial partners, offering payment packages for customers.
VCS LTD is also an approved car key network engineer.


VWAG HQ Factory
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