Introduction To Central Identification Tool FAZIT Immobilizer 4 / GeKo System

What is immobilizer 4 / GeKo System

Is not a control unit but rather a function. This includes: – Storage of all theft-specific control unit features in a central data base – Immobilizer control unit communication with the other components involved – Encoding procedures for data communication between the components involved Central data base FAZIT An essential immobilizer 4 component is the central data base FAZIT at Audi in Ingolstadt.

FAZIT in German stands for Vehicle information and central identification tool.

This data base contains all the theft-specific data of the control units integrated into the "Immobilizer" and "Component protection" functions. The control units involved cannot be adapted without an on-line link to FAZIT.

Re-adaption following immobilizer control unit theft The "New identity" menu provides all control units integrated into immobilizer 4 with new basic encoding. The central data base FAZIT is informed of the new basic encoding. If the engine control unit, for example, has been stolen, it is not necessary to replace all control units integrated into the immobilizer.

Component Protection What is meant by component protection?.

Component protection is an electronic safeguard for control units designed to prevent their use in other vehicles if stolen. The control units integrated into the component protection system are mainly from the infotainment and convenience sectors.

In multimedia components in the Audi A8 '03, the "Component protection" function replaces the 4-position radio code. Control units with component protection function are encoded for a specific vehicle. Functions will be restricted if a control unit has not been adapted to the vehicle.

A message is displayed in the dash panel insert and front information display unit when component protection is active. In addition, a fault memory entry will be stored in the non-adapted control unit.

Adaption of new control unit If control units with component protection function are installed in a vehicle or even just swapped between 2 vehicles on a trial basis, the control units concerned must be adapted to the appropriate vehicle.

The adaption process is similar to that for a control unit integrated into the immobilizer. Here again the diagnosis tester requires an on-line link and the mechanic concerned needs password access to the FAZIT data base at Audi.

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