VW | Audi | Seat | Skoda | The Construction Of A Part Number

VW | Audi | Seat | Skoda | The Construction Of A Part Number

VWG (Volkswagen Group - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) part numbers may look confusing to the untrained eye but they do in fact tell you a lot about the part and even the car it is used on! This guide will hopefully provide you with help in determining what the VWG part numbers mean and provide help when searching for part numbers for your car, all VWG cars have a specific chassis model code.

The VWG part numbering system is a very logical sequence of numbers and letter almost a language in itself.

Once you understand how a part number is made up, you could almost guess what a part number would be! A typical basic VWG part number consists of a 9 digit block which in turn contains three separate 3 digit blocks.

A typical VWG part number looks like this: 1J0821021 This can be broken down into the three 'lots' of the digits, i.e.: 1J0 821 021 - Each group of three digits has a specific meaning: 1J0 N.B. All VWG cars have a specific chassis model code. 1J is the model code for the car the part fits.

In this case, 1J is a MK IV Golf. Sometimes when a part is different for left hand drive cars or right hand drive cars, the third digit will denote either LHD or RHD. A 1 would indicate the LHD and a 2 would indicate RHD. So: 1J1 = a LHD specific MKIV Golf part 1J2 = a RHD specific MKIV Golf part 1J0 = Not specific to LHD or RHD models another way the first three numbers are used is when the part is different for various body versions of the same car. i.e.: 1H0 is MK3 Golf 1H9 is MK3 Golf Estate 3B5 is Passat Saloon 3B9 is Passat Estate N.B. For certain engine and gearbox parts the first three digits of the part number do not denote the model code but the engine or gearbox the part is used on.

An example of this is a part starting 02A is used for 02A gearboxes or a part starting 058 is for VWG 1.8 petrol turbo engines. 821 The next group of three digits 821 has two meanings.

All VAG parts numbers are divided into 10 main groups and then into several sub groups.

The main groups relate to the different vehicle assembly groups of the car as follows: 1. Engine, Clutch 2. Fuel tank and pipelines, Exhaust System, Air conditioning System 3. Transmission 4. Front Axle, Differential, Steering 5. Rear Axle 6. Wheels, Brakes 7. Hand and Foot levers, Safety Covers 8. Body 9. Electrical Systems 10. Extras, Accessories Our part number begins with 8. This means it belongs to group 8 which as we can see is 'body' and we refer to this number as the 'main group'. The 21 is the specific 'subgroup' of (8) body, and the subgroup 21 is always wings. The part number so far is 1J0 821 so we know already that is is a Golf MK IV wing!

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