1 Day Free Trial on our Basic Package subscription


ODIS Service remote technical support for hardware & software installation issues


  • Network protocol
  • Vehicle support
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Windows operating system issues


  • 6Hrs support per month, support dont expire if not used within the time frame all remaining time credit left will be extended to next calendar month.


  • ODIS Service installation X1 per month is included with this service + 6Hrs support


  • ODIS Engineering installation X1 per month is included with this service + 6Hrs support


  • Update ODIS Service / ODIS Engineering version reminder with every new version release.

Vehicle support is provided for online / offline active diagnostic sessions with end user providing the diagnostic tooling.


ODIS Engineering / ODIS Service / VCDS / VCP supported if end user has access to any of the diagnostic applications.


What do you get when you purchase any diagnostic equipment or tech support from us, you are guaranteed full support with hardware / software installations, we have extensive knowledge & years of experience with setting up diagnostic tools for workshops.


This service is a minimum 1 month contract which can be canceled at any time no expensive rolling contracts, we also offer (PAYG) 1Hr technical support service in our online store.

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Take advantage of a 1 day free trial on our Basic Package subscription please be aware this service is not open to be abused all applications will be vetted accordingly.


Free trial is aimed for motor dealer groups, trade workshops (established companies) only, private public customers is excluded.


We also provide out of business hours 24/7 remote technical support services for any hardware / software issues, vehicle support, most diagnostic compaines will only provide remote support within business hours.


While most diagnostic compaines can offer only limited time after-sales, technical support and unreliable on-call technical assistance to their customers, at VCS LTD we provide 24/7 support via Remote Help Desk or On-site assistance.


Contact for pricing quote on unlimted remote tech support.


We have access to numerous licensing databases providing us with factory technical information, multi brand ETKA account, PL24, ELSAPRO, which gives us an advantage over other workshops.


Convenient time slots along with your time zone will be provided for International users, EU / UK users we aim to provide support within 1hr of payment received.


EU businesses please quote VAT ID via email or other contact channels in order to exempt VAT before completion of order.


Exc. VAT

VAG | VAS | VW | ODIS Hardware Software Technical Support Monthly Service

  • By purchasing any items & services you are agreeing & consenting to our terms & conditions / terms of sales. Please read the T&C before proceeding with any orders.

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