VAG Coding Specialist LTD is an registered authorised Bentley, Lamborghini, MAN, VW, independent repairer registered with Volkswagen Group UK. With over 10 years of experience in programming and performing of electronic components in Volkswagen automotive group vehicles. We are also an approved car key network engineer, and an authorised agent for one of the largest and most successful tuning dealer networks in Europe. This gives us the capability to offer custom written remaps, uniquely written to each ECU and vehicle characteristics. 

Professional company that operates & provide services which main dealership groups offer. Other support we provide are professional level programming solutions to private, public customers, trade workshops, corporate, commercial, motor dealer groups. Who needs assistance with complicated programming issues / OEM diagnostic hardware / software installations locally or remotely. Vast experience with setting up diagnostic applications / tooling for workshops.

VCS LTD also provides worldwide remote vehicle programming, out of business hours remote support services, we have invested heavily in the latest OEM advanced vehicle diagnostic testing & programming tuning equipment available.


We are located in Docklands East London and Lakeside Essex. VCS LTD offers a mobile tuning service within the M25 London area and beyond. Postal ECU remapping services are available on request, we are fully insured for all diagnostic work performed.

Our computerised diagnostics systems and direct connectivity to VW AG DE factory servers, allow us to repair the vehicle as per manufacturer guidelines. The online repair, programming will convert the vehicle back to manufacturer specification. VW will guarantee that the vehicle will operate as the manufacturer had intended.”

Newer generation vehicles are connected to the internet enabling this data to be accessed and analysed remotely. The level of standard vehicle connectivity is growing exponentially, with new vehicles equipped with digital technology linking the vehicle & the technician to the internet.


A modern vehicle has numerous electronic systems that are controlled by individual controllers, these controllers may also be connected to each other by wiring that connects one or more electronic systems.

Should a fault occur with any of these electronic systems we have the same level of expertise and the latest up to date diagnostic and programming equipment available. This enables us to provide a dealer-level solution, We have access to numerous databases providing us with factory technical information. Multi brand ETKA account, PL24, ELSAPRO, which gives us an advantage over other workshops.

VCS LTD offer's a full fault event memory entries read and erase, full component activation, ECU coding and programming, real time reading of live data values. This ensures we are more than capable of dealing with any issues that may occur with your vehicle.

We are able to provide coding and programming, parametrization of control units, adjustment of control units, vehicle personalization, Engine and Immobilizer alignment.