We are an authorised agent for one of the largest and most successful tuning dealer networks in Europe. This gives us the capability to offer custom written remaps, uniquely written to each ECM and vehicle characteristics. By remapping and calibrating the engine management system and transmission control unit, each file is a unique development, original files stored on the controller are modifiable adjusting OEM parameters for increased performance and transformation.
The benefits of performance mapping is improved boost control, revised ignition control, variable valve timing and fuel maps, reduced fuel consumption (especially on partial throttle conditions).
Increase in both power and torque across the whole rev range. Faster gearshifts, raised torque limitation and quicker response times. When a vehicle is equipped with DSG, the RPM limiter must be set both inside the engine ECU and also the DSG controller or it will not take effect. Our software can ensure that both controllers have the same limit set ensuring a wider rev range.

Disable auto upshift in manual mode - not possible on all software versions. Torque imitation can be removed with transmission software. Low speed 1st / 2nd gear lag fix, Increase torque limiter, optimised shift points in D & S.

We Offer A Mobile Tuning Service
Our mobile service covers M25 London area and beyond, our technicians can visit your home or workplace if your vehicle cannot be brought to us. We specialise predominantly in VAG automotive group vehicles. Our wide range of services and resources cover all manufacturers groups far and beyond the big German, Italian brands - Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, from Mercedes-Benz to JLR. 

How The Process Works
We always store each vehicle OEM, ECU / TCU calibration parameters on our servers for the purpose of the vehicle requires being reverted back to stock condition. We take a full read of the OEM, ECU / TCU calibration files, Each file is uniquely custom written to the vehicle characteristics by configuration of set parameters. Our maps are lifetime software warranty, data logging is available dependent on vehicle model.

Postal ECU Remapping Services
We offer a postal service plug and play ECU solution, simply send us the ECU and we will return the ECU on the same or next day received. For obvious reasons we cannot scan any vehicles via this method for fault entries, so please make sure the vehicle is mechanically operating correctly with no issues. Tuning options availability are dependent on ECU variant from Stage 1 / 2 to Emissions Patches (DPF / EGR / Adblue / SCR removal) / GPF / OPF Disable
 / Pops & Bangs / Crackles / Speed Limiter / VMAX Removal and many more options contact us for further information.

Postage will be sent via UPS express courier service next day delivery mainland UK. Three - five day delivery world-wide service, (excluding bank holidays and weekends). All postage costs would need to be paid both ways via the consumer, customer.

Tuning Options
STAGE 2 Map - vehicle dependent
STAGE 3 Map - vehicle dependent

Adblue / SCR Removal
DPF Delete
EGR Delete
Economy Remaps

Emission Patches
GPF / OPF Disable

DSG Transmission Tuning
Hot Start Fix
Launch Control
Lambda / 02 Removal
MAF Removal

Over Run Crackles - (Crackle Map) Pops & Bangs
Performance Remaps

RPM Removal
Speed Limiter / VMAX Removal
Stop / Start Removal
Swirl Flap Removal

Audi R8 4S
Lamborghini Urus ZL